Power of Song 2015 © Metson musiikkiosasto

The Power of Song

The advance event of the Tampere Vocal Music Festival is a reminder of the upcoming festival and an introduction to the celebration of vocal music. Wednesday is the day of the 100 Choirs event at Keskustori square in Tampere, bringing together choirs in the Tampere Region to celebrate the centenary of Finland’s independence. The event is preceded by a pre-party at the Tampere Main Library Metso and followed by a choir crawl around cafés and restaurants. On Monday, journalist Samuli Tiikkaja gives a talk on composer Einojuhani Rautavaara. And on Tuesday, anyone who wants to sing is welcome to join the workshop led by the Festival’s Artistic Director, Sanna Valvanne. Her creative method frees the body, mind and voice so that everyone can sing and shine with joy!

Mon 22 May Samuli Tiikkaja: Remembering Rautavaara

17.00 Main Library Metso

Composer Einojuhani Rautavaara (1928–2016) was one of the most prominent figures in Finnish classical music. He began his career in the early 1950s and explored a variety of composition techniques before developing his characteristic sonorous Neo-Romantic style. Among his most popular works are Cantus arcticus, a concerto for orchestra and recorded birdsong (1972), and Angel of Light (1995), with which he achieved his long-awaited international breakthrough. This talk on Rautavaara’s life and works is given by Samuli Tiikkaja, a musicologist and journalist and the author of an acclaimed biography of Rautavaara.

The presentation is in Finnish.

Tue 23 May Sanna Valvanne: Sing&Shine with Body&Soul!

17.00 Main Library Metso

This workshop by Sanna Valvanne, artistic director of the Tampere Vocal Music Festival in 2017, offers a unique opportunity for engaging in comprehensive vocal expression and creative exploration. Sanna’s method of teaching and her creative choral method, Sing & Shine with Body & Soul, includes exercises, games, songs from various countries and an empowering process to release the voice, the mind, the body and the mood. Singing is combined in a safe and encouraging environment with movement and playful expression, dispelling restrictive notions about singing and performing, and allowing the body to conform naturally to healthy and varied voice production. Participants of all ages and all skill levels can find their way to sing, to move, to improvise and to express themselves to their heart’s content.

The working languages are Finnish and English.

Wed 24 May 100 Choirs -event

16.30 100 Choirs pre-party, Händel Choir Main Library Metso
19.00–19.30 100 Choirs concert Keskustori square
20.00–22.00 Choir crawl
22.00 100 Choirs after-party Old Customs House

Organised jointly with the Tampere City Library and the Pirkanmaa Choral Centre.

Program of the 100 Choirs concert

Kalliolle kukkulalle, säv. Kaj Chydenius (Warner/Chappell Music), san. Suomalainen kansanruno
On suuri sun rantas autius, säv. Suomalainen kansanlaulu (Sulasol), san. V.A. Koskenniemi (Fennica Gehrman), sov. Matti Hyökki
Leijoo, säv. & san. Trad., sov. Sanna Valvanne
Kesäpäivä Kangasalla, säv. Gabriel Linsén (Sulasol), san. Zacharias Topelius, suom. P.J. Hannikainen
Sahtilaulu, säv. Trad. (Sulasol), san. Matti Rosvall, sov. Jaakko Mäntyjärvi
Kuuma kesä, säv. Costello Hautamäki, san. Pate Mustajärvi (Jee-Jee Music Oy), sov. Timo Lehtovaara
Musta aurinko nousee, säv. ja san. Juice Leskinen (Love Kustannus/Grand Slam), sov. Johanna Lantto
Finlandia-hymni, säv. Jean Sibelius (Fennica Gehrman), san. V.A. Koskenniemi

Program of the Choir Crawl

Map of the restaurants of the Choir Crawl

Deli 1909 & Wine Bar, Puutarhakatu 11
klo 20.00 Kolmas Painos, klo 20.30 Lauluyhtye Laulux, klo 21.00 Pikantit

Gastropub Kaleva, Pellervonkatu 9
klo 20.00 Sommelo-kuoro, klo 20.30 Kamarikuoro Näsi

Kulttuuriravintola Kivi, Keskustori 2
klo 20.00 Piccolon Kamarikuoro, klo 20.30 Serenadi, klo 21.00 Kiilto Ensemble, klo 21.30 Duuris

Paapan Kapakka, Koskikatu 9
klo 20.00 iScream, klo 20.30 Vox Pedagogica, klo 21.00 Tampereen Poliisilaulajat

Panimoravintola Plevna, Itäinenkatu 8
klo 20.00 Karjalan Kaiku

Ravintola Telakka, Tullikamarin aukio 3
klo 20.00 Viihdekuoro Cantarelli, klo 20.30 Ahjolan Viihdekuoro ja klo 21.30 Viihdekuoro Sauriat

Ravitsemusliike Aisti, Hallituskatu 19
klo 20.00 Dominutz

Rillinki, Hämeenpuisto 24
klo 20.00 Tellus, klo 20.30 Tampereen Työväen Naiskuoro Miskantti, klo 21.00 Tampereen Yliopiston Laulajat

Tapas Bar Inez, Pellavatehtaankatu 19
klo 20.00 Händel-kuoro, klo 20.30 Rock Kuoro Rox

Klubi, Tullikamarinaukio 2
klo 20.00 Kamarikuoro Camena

Kievari Kahdet Kasvot, Kauppakatu 14
20.15 Kamarikuoro Scherzo, klo 21.15 Cantus Mercurialis

Suuret Oluet, Pienet Panimot -tapahtuma, Keskustori
klo 19.45 Pirkkalan Sekakuoro, 20.15 Riiarinna, klo 20.45 Teekkarikuoro