Choir Picnic 2013

Feel the festival! Series of free concerts

A series of free concerts where choirs and vocal ensembles perform around the city during the festival. The detailed programme is on the back cover of the separate booklet ‘Contest for Vocal Ensembles and International Chorus Review’. Audiences are invited to sing at polyphonic singalong events held at Majakka, the restaurant of Tampere Hall, from Thursday to Saturday. The Feel the festival! event ends with a choral picnic in Sorsapuisto park on Sunday; bring your own lunch and your performing talent. If it rains, the picnic will be held inside Tampere Hall.



12:00 Tullintori - Vaskivuoren lukion kamarikuoro (FI)
13:15 Sampola Library - KOR (IT)
14:00 Tampere-Hall - Choir Market: Songbridge-choirs
17:00 Tampere Hall, Majakka - Singalong cond. Mari Kätkä


11:00 Old Church - Latvian Voices (LV)
11:15 Kalevanharju daycare centre - Oriana (UA)
12:00 Tampere Hall - Choir Market: Mlada (RU)
13:30 Koukkuniemi Home for the Elderly - Kamarikuoro Näsi (FI)
15:00 Tampere Hall - Choir Market: KaMu (FI)
16:00 Tullintori - Ruamjai (FI)
17:00 Telakka - Teekkarikuoro (FI)
17:00 Tampere Hall, Majakka - Singalong cond. Mari Kätkä
18:00 Tampere University Hospital Patient Hotel - Kören Decibel (SE)


11:30 Tampere Hall - Choir Market: Cantinovum (FI)
11:50 Tampere Hall - Choir Market: Vox Polaris (FI)
12:00 Stable Yards - Kaiku-kuoro (FI)
12:00 Finlayson Art Area - Filianna (FI)
12:00 Tullintori - Maailma-kuoro (FI)
12:30 Tullintori - Carmina (CZ)
13:00 Finlayson Art Area - Junges Consortium Berlin (DE)
13:00 Tampere Hall, Majakka - Singalong cond. Mari Kätkä
13:30 Children’s culture centre Rull - CandoMini (FI)
14:00 Finlayson Art Area - Timotei (FI)
14:30 Tampere Hall - Choir Market: Open Voice (FI)
14:50 Tampere Hall - Choir Market: Partita (FI)
15:10 Tampere Hall - Choir Market: Ruamjai (FI)
15:30 Rajaportti sauna - Sine Nomine (CO)
16:30 Rajaportti sauna - Tellus (FI)
17:00 Telakka - Viihdekuoro Sawo Ensemble (FI)
17:30 Telakka - Procantus (FI)


10:00 Kaleva Church - Naiskuoro Pihlaja (FI), Sabrina ja Saarten tyttäret (FI)
10:00 Tampere Cathedral - Christophorus-Kantorei (DE)
12:00 Sorsapuisto Park - Choral picnic, various performer (In the Tampere Hall foyer if it rains)

Timetable of choral picnic:

12.00 Kamarikuoro Cantinovum
12.15 Teekkarikuoro
12.30 Cassiopeia
12.45 Naiskuoro FC Sawotta
13.00 Procantus

Contact person:
Salla Saarijärvi
+358 40 706 2568
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