Tampere Vocal Music Festival 2015

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Tampere Vocal Music Festival and the 150th anniversary of the birth of composer Jean Sibelius! Accordingly, we will be featuring our national composer across the board. Where else would you be able to hear rarely performed cantatas conducted by Santtu-Matias Rouvali or the completely forgotten version of Rakastava (The Lover) for choir and orchestra performed by the YL Male Voice Choir? Can the Latvian Radio Choir give an answer to the question of whether a foreign choir can perform Sibelius credibly? Will Ilona Korhonen transport us into a trance like Larin Paraske, Sibelius’s guide to the mystical world of runo singing? Did the young Janne ever come into contact with Orthodox liturgical singing in his childhood town of Hämeenlinna, a tradition carried forward by the Krysostomos Chamber Choir? And who will receive the prize for the best performance of a work by Sibelius in the Chorus Review?

Find the answers to these questions and more as you join us in Tampere for the celebrations!

Matti Hyökki
Artistic director



22 May 2015 15:45

Feel the Festival! brings free choir music concerts around the city from 4 to 7 June

A series of free concerts at the Tampere Vocal Music Festival brings choirs and vocal ensembles to care homes, museums, restaurants and to the Finlayson area. You can combine choir music with art exhibition, moment with the children at the culture centre or picnic lunch. Concert programs vary from traditional choir music to pop-arrangements.

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09 Mar 2015 14:09

47 Choirs mainly from Finland will perform in the Chorus Review

The 47 choirs that have entered the Chorus review this year are mainly Finnish. 15 of them come from Helsinki and Tampere follows with 6 choirs. Foreign choirs come from the Netherlands and Estonia. The choirs of the Chorus Review will also give concerts around Tampere in a series of free concerts called Feel the Festival! during the festival week 3 to 7 June.

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