© Juho Rahijärvi

Circo Aereo & defunensemble
Director Sanna Silvennoinen
Acrobats Sade Kamppila, Mika Kaski
Visual artist Eveliina Hämäläinen
Musicians Hanna Kinnunen – flute, Mikko Raasakka, Tapani Rinne – clarinet, Emil Holmström – piano, Anders Pohjola, Timo Kurkikangas, Tuomas Norvio – electronics
Lighting design Juho Rahijärvi
Costume design Nina Paakkunainen
Set design Hämäläinen & Rahijärvi
Producers Circo Aereo & defunensemble

Tapani Rinne, Tuomas Norvio & Sami Klemola: Concerto Planos (2016) (first performance)

Concerto Planos is a new work by Circo Aereo and defunensemble, combining new music with circus. The ensemble consists of a visual artist, acrobats and musicians who create the work together, partly following each other but mostly in contrast to each other.

The voices of the three composers can be clearly distinguished in the various musical situations. The soundscape of the work ranges from dreamlike ambient through funk and austere beats to noisy, abstract collages of sound. There is no attempt at unity: the soundscape is a sort of surreal tale that travels its own, unpredictable road.

Sound and acrobatics proceed separately but in the same direction. The visual artist creates works on the fly, commenting on the sound and the movement in turn. The techniques employed use translucency, light, movement and reflections in addition to traditional painting. The acrobats’ movement language is transitory and involves surprising shifts in its encounters with sound and image.

The work plays with the conventions of performances: the performers appear not on one stage but on five islets across the hall. The audience may choose where to view the work: from afar, from close up or walking around the islets.

Jointly organised with Circo Aereo, defunensemble and Cirko – the new circus centre.

Not recommended for children under 7.

The concert ends at about 20.00.

Circo Aereo is Finland’s first modern circus company, known for its experimental performances that push the envelope of the art. The group’s productions have been instrumental in the rise of Finnish modern circus to international fame. In exploring how to expand the potential of the circus as performing arts and to reform the movement and expression of their genre, Circo Aereo have entered into collaboration with other branches of the arts. In recent years, the company have been involved in several international joint productions in various countries and performed in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, South America and Canada, besides three extended tours in the USA.

Defunensemble, founded in 2009, is a Finnish group specialising in contemporary electro-acoustic art music and how to perform it. Coordinated by composer Sami Klemola, it imports the most interesting electronic music from abroad, actively commissions and premieres new works and creates concert performances with considerable street cred, embracing several sub-genres of experimental music. The musicians and technicians in the group are among the best of the best in Finland.

Sami Klemola is a composer who explores the borderland between acoustic and electronic sounds. He has written works for symphony orchestra and for various chamber ensembles. His output also includes several sound installations, which have been exhibited in Finland and in Europe. He teaches programming and composition at the Sibelius Academy.

Tapani Rinne is a versatile musician, composer and producer and the leader of the RinneRadio band. He is known for his experimental and innovative sax and clarinet playing, and he has made a significant contribution to Finnish music. In addition to his own projects, he has worked with other top names in Finnish music such as Jimi Tenor, Teho Majamäki, Wimme Saari and Kimmo Pohjonen.

Tuomas Norvio is a sound designer, composer, musician, mixer and producer, on stage and in the studio. He has created music and sound for modern circus, modern dance and cross-discipline productions and also for installations and documentaries.

Sanna Silvennoinen is one of the artistic directors of Circo Aereo. She has directed, choreographed and performed in several internationally successful circus productions. Her performing and directing focus on improvisation, the use of space and close interaction between music and movement.

Sade Kamppila graduated from the circus programme at Salpaus Training Centre in 2009. She is one of the founders of the Sirkus Aikamoinen company and continues to work with it. In addition to Sirkus Aikamoinen and Circo Aereo, she has appeared in productions created by Sverre Waage (Norway) and Marie Andree Robitai (Sweden). In Concerto Planos, she is a circus performer, an acrobat.

Mika Kaski is a circus performer specialising in handstands, but he is equally at home in dance and theatre. He is a graduate of the famous Centre National du Cirque in Paris and has worked with Nikolaus Maria Hotz, Severine Chavrier, François Verret, Theatre Quo Vadis and Circo Aereo. He lives and works mainly in France.