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Tampere Biennale 13–17 April 2016

Sound Boundaries

The Tampere Biennale was established by the City of Tampere and composer Usko Meriläinen as a showcase for Finnish contemporary music in 1986. The past 30 years have seen 15 festivals with hundreds of excellent concerts, featuring music from Finland and abroad and including dozens of world premieres. By any standards, this is a significant festival.

The 2016 Tampere Biennale is a veritable carnival of contemporary music! The various genres of experimental music are prominently featured, working together rather than against each other. Our 30th anniversary is all about celebrating the diversity of today’s music. In addition to concerts, we have the largest exhibition to date of sound art in Finland and 20th anniversary club sessions of Fonal Records, a Tampere-based label that has risen to world fame. There is also the contemporary circus company Circo Aereo, in whose performances sound plays a major role. The festival has commissioned new works from Niilo Tarnanen and Jan Anderzén alias Tomutonttu. The Tampere Philharmonic will be giving the world premiere of music by Lotta Wennäkoski and of Himmel Punk, commissioned by the orchestra from Antti Auvinen.

The world today enjoys a huge diversity of musical styles. It is also easier than ever for listeners to find music. Yet a live concert remains the most intense experience one can have with music. At the Tampere Biennale, you will find new ways of encountering music; you may be surprised and excited by something that is unfamiliar – or familiar. Let the sound capture your mind. Welcome to the sound boundaries!

Sami Klemola
Artistic Director
Tampere Biennale


Published on 11 Apr 2016

Programme changes

There has been a change between the artists performing in the Fonal Clubs on Friday and Saturday. Eleanoora Rosenholm has been changed for Saturday and Lau Nau performs on Friday. In Lau Nau we will also hear Antti Tolvi on bass, wind instruments and synthesizers.

After the film Tectonic Plate in Arthouse Cinema Niagara on Thursday 14 April at 17, Sami Klemola will interview the director Mika Taanila. Writer Harry Salmenniemi has cancelled. Read more

Sound Art Exhibitions

Sound art is the art of sound; it is about understanding the distinction between hearing and listening. Listening is an active approach to sound, requiring the listener to concentrate. Sound is vibration, a physical phenomenon in invisible matter. One cannot touch sound or take it into one’s hand or look at it. It is more abstract by nature than visual art or film, but at its most powerful it can touch the listener more strongly than any other art form.

The Tampere Biennale features a variety of approaches to sound art. Come and listen to the worlds that sound can transport you to!

Inwards to Infinity © Pink Twins

Admission is free to the sound art exhibitions of the Tampere Biennale except for the Tampere Art Museum, where admission is free only on Friday between 15.00 and 17.00.


The Pianist © Heli SorjonenThe pianist character played by Thomas Monckton elegantly welcomes festivalgoers to concerts and events. The pianist himself has the main role on Sunday at 15.00 in Sorin sirkus. The Pianist is acclaimed by critics and audiences in more than 20 countries. This Circo Aereo production is in Finland for one performance only in 2016.